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AVC308 - Axiom VCarve Pro v10.x

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Quick Overview

Comprehensive set of 2D vector design tools and large variety of toolpath strategies including profiling, pocketing, drilling, v-carving, texturing and many more. VCarve Pro’s combination of affordable power and simplicity makes it our most popular program!

* Compatible with Windows XP and above

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VCarve Pro and VCarve Desktop provide a powerful but intuitive software solution for cutting parts on a CNC Router. There are tools for 2D design and calculation of 2D and 2.5D toolpaths and along with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3D model (STL, OBJ etc.). There is also support to import multiple Vectric Clip Art 3D models (V3M) to create 3D assemblies.

The software can import 2D designs from other programs but also provides a full set of drawing and editing tools. The toolpath options cover all typical 2D routing operations such as Profiling, Pocketing, Auto-Inlays and Drilling as well as 2.5D strategies such as V-Carving, Prism carving, Fluting and even a decorative Texturing strategy. For 3D you can Rough and Finish the model and there are options to project 2D and 2.5D toolpaths onto the 3D surface. Each toolpath includes appropriate options to customize the settings and provide a high level of control for different types of operation. In addition all toolpaths can be previewed to show just how the part will look when it is actually cut, this allows instant feedback to allow toolpaths to be further optimized.

• Two-Sided Machining & Multi-Sided 3D Simulation
• Complete set of 2D Design and Layout Tools
• Layer control, Guide lines, Snap Grid
• Text Editing + Single Line Engraving Fonts
• 2D File Import - DWG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF
• Image File Import - BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF
• Single 3D File Import (STL, OBJ, 3DM, SKP etc.)
• Import Multiple Vectric 3D Clip Art Files for Layout and Assembly (V3M file format)
• Includes 100+ 2D Clip Art Designs
• Includes 300+ 3D Clip Art Models
• Vectorize images to create vectors for machining
• Robust V-Carving
• Raised 3D Prism machining
• Moulding Toolpaths - to create constant cross section profiles, arches, frames etc.
• Auto-Inlays with multiple options
• 3D Random Texturing Toolpath
• 2D Profiling with Interactive Tabs / Bridges, Lead and Ramp options
• Pocketing with optimization for 2 cutters
• Drilling with option for Peck Drilling
• Beveled Letters
• Custom Molding and Form Cutters
• Multi-color Toolpath Previews
• Work on parts larger than 24"x24" (600mm x 600mm)
• True Shape Nesting for material optimization
• Toolpath Templates
• Merge Toolpaths
• Job Setup Sheets
• Gadget (scripting) support
• Rotary Axis (Wrapping)

VCarve includes the functionality demanded for complex work while remaining incredibly easy to use and affordably priced. The software is used by cabinet makers, wood workers, sign makers, prop makers, plastic fabricators, hobbyists and in many other applications.

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Download trial version here



FOR VERSION 7.5 USERS: Download the Axiom Post Processor: Click here to download

Vcarve Pro v7.5/ Aspire v4.5
Download the Post Processor file (AXIOM_HHC_CNC_VCPASPIRE.pp) this will either save by default in your browsers pre-set Downloads folder or give you the option to choose a folder location, now you need to move this file to the PostP folder for either VCarve Pro or Aspire.

The location of this can vary depending on the version of Windows you are running, to find the PostP folder and copy the downloaded post processor into that location, please follow the following steps:

1. Run a session of Aspire/Vcarve Pro
2. Select File – Open Application Data Folder
3. Double left mouse click to open the PostP folder
4. Click and drag, or copy (Crtl+C) and paste (Crtl+V) the post processor into that folder
5. Select File – Exit in Aspire/Vcarve Pro
6. Run a new session of Aspire/Vcarve Pro
7. When you save a toolpath you should find a postprocessor called "AXIOM HHC CNC (mm) (*.mmg)" in the list of options available

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