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Vectric/Axiom CNC Training

Do you have a CNC router and want to unlock its full potential? Do you want to learn more about an Axiom Precision CNC before you buy? Then Axiom training is right for you. From beginners to advanced users, our in-depth training courses will enhance your CNC capabilities. Our CNC classes fully explore 2D, 2.5D, and 3D aspects of Vectric’s VCarve and Aspire software, offering a step-by-step explanation of their features. We also offer hands-on experience with our DSP pendant controllers, as well as live demos of our CNC machines and accessories. These classes will inspire you to ‘Build Better Stuff’ with your CNC.


Whether you’re simply cutting out 2D furniture components, producing an accent inlay, or an ornate 3D wood appliqué, the applications for a CNC router within the woodworking trade are nearly countless.   


Need to produce a unique component? Wood, Aluminum, Brass, Composites, Phenolic, Foam, Plastic… If it can be cut with a spinning bit, Axiom Precision can produce it quickly and accurately.  


The ability to use a CNC machining center to carve letters and design elements into wood, plastic and aluminum has transformed the sign industry.  We offer the machines, software and accessories to produce nearly any sign you can imagine.


Many of our present customers already own large, fast, and very expensive CNC machining centers.  They turn to Axiom Precision when they want a small, yet accurate machine to produce one-off components and prototypes.


Axiom Precision’s capacity and accuracy make each machine a 3D carving powerhouse.  From large three dimensional objects, to fine furniture accents, you’ll quickly produce accurate 3D carvings.


Reproducing historic architectural components is a snap with Axiom Precision.  Brackets, capitals, arches, corbels, moldings and more can all be produced with ease. 

Axiom Reviews

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